UK Music Charts

Welcome! This site is dedicated to providing UK Music Charts for the 100 most popular singles, summarised for each decade and every full year since the UK single charts were established. If you have an interest in current and historical UK musical trends, this is the site for you. These charts demonstrate a track's longer term popularity rather than its performance in any one week. For weekly UK pop charts, head over to the site of The Official UK Charts Company.

Just select a decade from the menu on the left. The figures for each year can be selected within their decade. The chart tables are fully searchable, by position, Artist, or Title.

In the history section, you can find out how the original UK music charts were created and the way in which they changed and developed over the years from the multitude of different charts we used to have to the Official UK Charts which are almost universally used today.

The Technology section takes a look at the way we listen to music and how it has changed over the years as technology has developed.